products and services


Product Features

Our team of certified resources have a vast array of skills and experience which provide services in project management, managed support services, advisory consulting services, and business analytics that give you a keen edge.

Advisory Consulting

We have among the finest consulting skills in Africa to help you achieve strategic clarity that filters deep into your business and supporting systems. We work with you to develop your operations in tune with market trends, regulatory demands, customer demands, and we commit the delivery capabilities to match expectation.

Our Services

  • Project Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Business Analytics
  • Mobile Application Development
  • IT Infrastructure Solutions
  • Maintenance Services (Hardware and Support)
  • First Line User and Server Support
  • Environment Audits
  • Solution Optimisation

Integrated Service Management

ITIL-aligned Integrated Service Management (ISM) offers a single touchpoint to manage and improve support for a complex diversity of tools, systems, service providers, and consultants. We streamline service delivery for your organisation to maintain highly available business services and productive employees.

Our Services:

  • Single Invoice
  • Project Management
  • Certified Skills
  • Best Practice Frameworks and Methodologies 


Business Process Re-engineering

We do BPR using the methodologies recognised among the best int the world so you can exploit and optimise your business operations to scale for growth/. It helps you reduce costs and boost productivity by promoting efficiencies. That creates and upward spiral that leads to more revenues , greater profits better customer service and experiences, more employee happiness outcomes.  We analyse workflow to locate sub-par processes for elimination or improvement. Our deep skills quickly and efficiently deliver benefits in the shortest permissible


      Support Services

      Our people have decades of experience and certified by the International Association of IT Asset Managers (IAITAm) which is the only organisation accredited in Africa. Through recongnised frameworks, proven methodologies and world- class practices, elements of managing your software and hardware assets. They deliver effective, control, improve asset effectiveness, reduce cost and improve governance. They also improve availability and accessibility, provide actionable data for proactive IT resource utilisation and enable strategic inventory and procurement forecasting control that consolidates volumes to leverage purchasing.


          Project Management

          Our professional team executes projects to scope, on time and within budget by optimising resource allocation and integrating inputs based on identified tasks that describe how goals will be achieved. We use recognised frameworks for accurate and objective reports to make sure we achieve the milestones and stay on schedule.

          Our Services:

          • Prince2
          • Lean
          • Extreme
          • SCRUM Software Development
          • PMP 



          Application Integration

          Flexibiity, adaptability and scalability result from integrated applications and services that extend from your business engine to your employees and customer front ends. We integrate to provide you with cohesive, automated solutions that leverage your enterprise intelligence to rapidly deliver insights for enlightened business activities. Our integration unites employees and customers through digitalised collaborations that improve the customer experience (CX).

          Our Services

          • Legacy Integration
          • System, Application and Service Integration
          • Data Integration
          • Business Intelligence and Analytics Integration 

          Business Analytics

          We can help you predict future events relating to customer activities or market trends and recommend actions that drive customers toward business goals. Our analytics methodologies unlock the efficiencies, productivity and revenues that stem from collating, sorting and processing the right datasets using proven statistical models and iterative methods to create business insights.

          Our Services:

          • Statistical and Quantitative Analytics
          • Data Aggregation and Mining
          • Forecasting
          • Predictive Modelling
          • Multivariate Testing
          • Visualisation
          • Optimisation