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Product Features

TIBCO Software provides integration, analytics and event-processing software for companies to use on-premises or as part of cloud computing environments. The software manages information, decisions, processes and applications for over 10,000 customers

Below are some of the products:

TIBCO Spotfire MDM

 Spotfire helps everyone gain deep insights from their data through built-in immersive data wrangling, and rich visual, predictive, and geoanalytics capabilities.

TIBCO ActiveMatrix® BPM

Coordinate process, people, context, and action for better business outcomes. Listed as one of today’s top business process management platforms, TIBCO’s ActiveMatrix BPM facilitates valuable business insights and actions by presenting the right data to the right person in a consumable fashion at the right time.

TIBCO StreamBase

Streaming analytics for accelerating action. Quickly build applications that analyze and act on real-time streaming data


TIBCO BusinessWorks

We created our TIBCO BusinessWorks integration platform to put the power back in your hands.Looking to seamlessly connect all the applications and data sources that keep your business running day in and day out? We designed TIBCO BusinessWorks™ to help your business be as flexible and efficient as possible.