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Product Features

We create purpose around your data that puts intelligence beneath the hood. We unite people, processes and technologies through powerful, integrated solutions. And we provide holistic services that connect your human capital, your customers, and your business into ONE – so you can work smart.



We use MicroFocus, as part of our holistic service to unite and secure productive employees. Collaboration, Security, Application Monitoring, Records Management, Infrastructure tools and solutions as well as file and networking services, underpin continuous, uninterrupted business operations that fundamentally connect people so they can work smart.

We Support:


  • Messaging and team collaboration
  • Mobility
  • File and print


  • Privileged Account Manager (PAM)
  • Identity and access management (IAM)
  • Identity Governance (IG)
  • Advanced Authentication (AA)
  • Secure messaging
  • Unified endpoint management

File + Networking

  • File, print and storage
  • Secure file access from any device
  • Enterprise-wide print from any device
  • Automated file storage management for users and groups


Data needs purpose and your organisation needs to go deeper with smart data analytics. We apply the science of data to human solutions through IBM technologies for a cognitive and machine learning, governed, analytics foundation. Zero in on the right information. We specialise in Data Warehousing and Financial Modelling.

Our Services:

  • IBM SPSS Modeler
  • IBM Cognos Analytics on Cloud
  • IBM Planning Analytics
  • Cognos Integration Server
  • Cognos Controller


We combine the collaboration and intelligence of SharePoint and Exchange to create solutions for human needs. Streamlined workflows, processes and information sharing powerfully support productivity improvements, operational efficiencies and enhanced customer and citizen experiences (CX). We connect people so you can realise your full potential.

We Support:


  • Enhance the flow of information, streamline processes, and move your business forward
  • Encourage engagement
  • Inform employees
  • Share files, data, apps, human-readable information
  • Improve productivity through native intelligence
  • Mobile information, anywhere, on any device
  • Gather customer and citizen insights to improve the CX


  • Collaborate on critical documents
  • Prioritise important messages to help improve customer service
  • Connect to internal line-of-business applications for real-time information
  • Connect customers and employees for smarter communications